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Events, News | February 12, 2014

Feeding Floyd County Event: Food Stamp Challenge

Plenty! is hosting a fundraiser and hunger awareness event on Saturday evening, March 15 from 6-9pm. We want to encourage participation of food pantries and agencies in Floyd County to talk about improving our efforts to feed all our residents.

The evening is meant to engage folks in conversation and education so we will all leave with a sense of energy about getting healthy food to everyone in our county. In the promotion of the event we are asking people to try a “food stamp challenge” of eating on a food stamp budget for one week and incorporating as many healthy items as possible. Those who sign up for the challenge will be invited to write and talk about their experience. We also hope to have some people who are regularly using food stamps to supplement their budget for food as part of our panel.

We will begin with a reception from 6-6:30 that has refreshments designed to meet a ‘food stamp budget’ and to be as healthy as possible. During this time all food pantries are invited to have a display about their work. After a short introduction we will then show the film “Food Stamped” that follows a couple trying to eat a healthy diet on $1 per person per meal. After the screening this couple will join us by Skype with a local panel to discuss how best to address hunger in our own county. There will be time for everyone present to commit to volunteering and/or donating to local feeding projects such as yours.

We are sharing the proceeds of ticket sales. Tickets for the event will be $25 per person or bring a friend for $40. Food pantries can receive up to $10 for every ticket -$5 on any ticket they sell and another $5 when that person shows up at the event.

We know you are committed to feeding our neighbors in Floyd County and we believe addressing this issue together can bring us more resources and more solutions for eating healthy on a limited budget.

How can YOU participate?

1. You can sign up to try the “food stamp challenge.” We will help you calculate how much you could receive and then you try eating on that budget for a week sometime before the screening. Take notes on your experience to share with participants.

2. You can sell tickets to get all your friends and neighbors involved-who do you want to participate in this conversation about how we can feed all of Floyd County healthy food.

3. You can buy tickets to come to the event yourself or to allow someone with limited income to attend.

We want your input on the joys and challenges of your own efforts to feed folks. Let us work together!

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