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Events, News | November 20, 2013

Travel Down “Western Highways” on Nov. 23

Randolph & Marian, Western HighwaysFloyd residents will have a to see and hear “Western Highways” by Randolph Walker and Marian McConnell on the weekend before Thanksgiving.

“Western Highways” is a new CD and also the title of a multimedia show by the folk-rock duo.

The multimedia show, featuring slides of landmarks such as Monument Valley, Route 66 and the Painted Desert, will be presented at Floyd Country Store on Saturday, Nov. 23, noon-1:30 pm, as part of Americana Afternoons.

“Western Highways” is a trip through time and space, evoking the open spaces, imagery and mythology of the American West through rock and folk-rock songs and instrumentals featuring vocal harmony, harmonica, acoustic and electric guitar.

Walker, from Roanoke, and McConnell, from Catawba, and are singer-songwriters, photographers and motorcyle riders. McConnell has traveled extensively through the West. and took many of photos in the show.

The audience will learn something as well, from the song introductions which describe both the natural formations and the mythic West of song, film and television.

For more information, contact Walker, 588-5826, randolphwalker@cox.net, or McConnell, 309-4707, marian.mconnell@gmail.com, or see www.facebook.com/randolphandmarian.

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