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Events | August 1, 2013

Native American Meeting at the Warren G. Lineberry Park

On Saturday, August 10th beginning at 2:00 pm, all are invited to attend a Native American Meeting at the Warren G. Lineberry Park, behind Winter Sun.

The group is an indigenous American Indian spiritual organization who follows the ancient traditions, stories, ceremonies, history, customs and spirituality of our ancestors. The information taught to those interested does not come from books, the internet or other published records. Instead it comes from the ancient written records of the priests.

The group’s spirituality is similar in many aspects to Christianity, especially the very early religion, and involves a total 24/7 walk with the Creator. The group makes every effort to follow the ancient laws and taboos of the Creator. The group has been guided to meet with those from Floyd who are of Native heritage and who wish to learn more of the ways of their ancestors, including the original stories, the ceremonies, the history, and the spirituality.

The group welcomes all who wish to learn and who desire to live and walk what they learn. American Indians will be in attendance explaining Native American Spirituality and answering questions concerning Traditions, Ancient History and other subjects pertaining to American Indians.

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